When you use our services you are helping build first time farmers, undeserved producers and small business manufacturers, retailers and service providers. 

Contract Grow

Tell us what you need per year, or how many people you are feeding, what you want and we will grow it, harvest and ship it to you. This is an opportunity for you to secure your produce ahead of time and follow it throughout its entire lifecycle. A non refundable deposit is required prior to planting and payments can be made throughout the crop lifecycle. 

Need industrial hemp grown? No problem, we have you and we have a network of farmers ready to grow to your specifications. 

Support Services

Procurement, Contracting, Supplier Management, Administrative and Compliance Support Services. We work as an extension of your team. We come in at any stage of the lifecycle to help you manage. 

Outreach & Training 

The agricultural industry is dying and millennials do not find "agriculture sexy". There are so many aspects to working in agriculture. Agribusiness, Farming, Processing, Manufacturing, R&D, Policy, etc. That is why we partner with academic programs, and corporate workprograms in cultivating these interest among students at all ages. We like to use industrial hemp as our "gateway" crop. 

Our webinars and networking events are to inspire, inform and enable other farmers and producers to make sound operational decisions and consider sustainable and regenerative practices(i.e. consider the application of cover crop, diverse crop schedule by growing industrial hemp, use of solar applications). 

Research & Development

Our focus  is on testing solutions , processes and systems that help renewing soil and working within, rather than against, natural systems. Through private and governmentally funding we can heal the damage caused by industrial agriculture and build a food  system that's better for people, animals and the environment.

Sourcing, Purchasing and Contracting 

If we can't provide what you are needing, rest assured someone in our network can. Our team has over 20 years in commercial, government, industrial hemp and cannabis procurement. We can help you with construction, seeds, professional services, equipment, fertilizer,  logistical requirement and so much more!

Join our Network 

Our job is to help producers in our network with resources such as, access to business and funding opportunities, agribusiness education, sustainable and regenerative know-how, and information on how to market and process their crops. 

Day Three Farms is always building out its operations, and practices to make sure we are sustainable and regenerative. We understand the importance of working together to meet net-zero goals. It all starts in the soil...

The goals of our members are to get informed, network, buy and sell considering green procurement and diversity goals. 

Our members get 15% off support services in sourcing, procurement(acquiring the supplies you need to run your business operations), contract or vendor onboarding.  

 We like to tell the stories of our network partners and showcase what they are doing and how they are helping towards meeting environmental, economical, or social initiatives. 

It's through interviews, webinars, onsite events, and having access to a central repository of information and best practices where our members can obtain information that can be applied in their operations. 

Our farm is continuously seeking funding from federal, state and private sources(for ourselves and our partners). We help put together grant teams, facilitate and assist in submitting funding opportunities for consideration. 

Buyer Membership

Members include procurement officers, buyers, purchasing agents, C-suite, owners and more.

Supplier Registration

Farmers, processors, manufacturers, distributors, ancillary service providers, can register to provide products and services to our members. 

All Others

Students, Program/Project Managers, Material Engineers, Hobbyist, Scientist...


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