Providing American grown, processed and manufactured produce, agricultural commodities and services to our community and the government

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide our community, state and government with Florida grown, processed and manufactured agricultural products and services. 

We believe in providing products, services and supplies to decision makers who believe in management of practices aimed at humane, sustainable farming and distribution to build upon natural synergies across farming activities in an effort to improve efficiency and effectiveness in an environmentally and socially conscious manner. 

Professionals at Work

Day Three Farms is a woman, minority, veteran-owned, family farm. The experience and skills of each member of D3F contributes to the everyday successes of our operations and support of our partners. 

Prior to purchasing the farm, many D3F team members started consulting for the industrial hemp and cannabis operators in 2016. Together, the family have more than 40 years combined experience in indoor/outdoor crop production, business and supply chain management, government and military operations.

What We Are Up To

Our industrial hemp seed trials started in May 2022 and we harvested in August 2022 and retted our stalks. We cleaned the seed, flower and trimmings off 300 stalks. We looked to our partners Rentz Mcguire Farms for processing help. 

Thanks to Acquatron USA, we are re-installing our water treatment system, which has proven (on cannabis and oranges) to increase root strength, quality, yield and control pests. We are hoping by watering our crops with this system, we can get bigger produce and higher quality crops. 

Coming Soon: Webinar on Procurement 101. Some basic tips, that will help you with sourcing and purchasing of your requirements. Start putting some strategy into your operations. 


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